Members of the Gurdjieff Foundation periodically offer open explorations to all who are interested.  Upcoming events will be posted here as new dates are determined.

Upcoming events:

Saturday, February 25 at 4:00 PM

Gurdjieff:  A Preparatory Workshop
Moving Towards Presence
What is movement?
How do we put ourselves in movement?
From where do our movements come?
G.I. Gurdjieff said that he used movement for the mind. By developing attention in movement, there is the possibility of “awakening” to something deeper in oneself. This introductory workshop will offer exercises and an opportunity to work with members of the Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina.
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(828) 551-0116

Previous events:

August 14, 2016: What is Real Thinking?

December 13, 2015: The Search: Finding Balance in Heart, Body and Mind

August 13, 2015: Open Discussion – I wish to understand the food of impressions. How do I begin?

November 2013:  In Search of the Miraculous?
Open, experiential gathering exploring G.I. Gurdjieff’s Work–The Fourth Way.

April 2013:  How can I slow down when everything is moving so fast?
In our modern world, can we find moments of silence and space?

March 2013:  Can I use modern life to develop spiritually?
What does it mean to be spiritual in today’s world?  How do I integrate my life: job, friends and family with a search for something higher?  Is there a way to actually use my daily challenges to develop?

November 2012: Where does my attention come from? Where does it go?
“There is no attention in people…. Self-observation is only possible after acquiring attention.”  -G.I. Gurdjieff

July 2012: Am I really here? What does it mean to be present?
How is Gurdjieff’s definition of consciousness different from our standard assumptions?  How do we begin the long and difficult work that Gurdjieff says is necessary to acquire it?

May 2012: What is inner freedom?