Welcome to the Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina

This website is no longer active. Our new website is www.gurdjieffasheville.org 

The Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina is located in Asheville and is related to the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York and other centers worldwide. 

GFWNC is engaged in the search for self-development through the study of and work with attention.  Our activities include evening meetings for self-study, for understanding and applying the ideas of Gurdjieff, and for the study of his dances and music.  There is also work with crafts and practical tasks.

This site is offered to assist anyone who is interested in the study of and participation in the Gurdjieff teaching, as it corresponds to their individual search for what gives meaning in life.  As this teaching is an oral tradition, it requires direct contact.

Open meeting August 14 – Read more


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Gurdjieff Foundation of Western North Carolina

  1. Chapel Hill NC is my home, but my daughter and family live in Asheville and I often visit.
    Is there any Foundation activities going on in The Triangle Area?


    1. Hi Barbara, I just saw this note. If you are still looking for the Gurdjieff work, there is a group in Winston-Salem I can connect you with.


  2. hello, I am wanting to know if there are at this time any groups in the Atlanta area connected with the foundation. As Asheville appears to be the closest official group on this website, I thought you may know of one. I have moved from Texas and was wanting to connect with a group, if possible, during my time here.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Ryan, I am not sure if someone responded to your note or not. I apologize, we have a new website, and I just came on here to forward things. There is a group based in Atlanta that is connected with the Gurdjieff Foundation of NY. If you are still interested, I will get you contact info.


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